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we have missouri fox trotter horses for sale.  we train and start gaited horses. we have missouri foxtrotter horses for sale, MFTHBA, SSHBEA

We are Little Pine Creek Missouri Fox Trotters!

Producers of Quality Gaited Horses!

We ride, raise and sell Missouri Fox Trotter horses.  Some of them are double registered as Spotted Saddle horses. We are proud of them.  If you would like, you can take a look at our pages and see our family of horses.  

Or send a family member or friend a horse photo greeting cards or horse eCards.

Whether you are contemplating having a youngster started, horse conditioned or in the market for a sound companionable trail horse, Little Pine Creek would appreciate the opportunity of working with you and your horse

We are so excited about our 2007 foals. Take a look at our prior foals or any other year. You may also check out the horses for sale page to see any new horses up for sale.

Little Red is a missouri fox trotter mare in foal to Missouri Radar S. a son of Missouri Traveler, see our horses for sale We have other gaited horses for sale, tennessee walking horses as well as missouri fox trotters, or if you prefer, missouri foxtrotters. We have many gaited horses for sale.

Thanks to all who bought missouri fox trotter and spotted saddle horses from Little Pine Creek.  We still have some foxtrotter stallions, mares and foals, - these horses are now on sale. Check out the horses for sale page.

Interested in learning more about the Missouri Fox Trotter Horse? 

Read Foxtrotter Facts!

Bonnie & Patches & Anne May 2001

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Contact Information

We would love to hear from you.  Feel free to call  or email us, or set up a time to stop by. We can see you by appointment between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. - otherwise we could be out on the trails or performing chores.  If you fill out your email address or telephone number, we will contact you.  Thank you for your interest.

Telephone: (417) 934-2817
Address: 19729 Highway NN Mountain View, MO 65548
Electronic mail: info @ littlepinecreek . com

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Please contact us by email: info@littlepinecreek . com or call us at (417) 934-2817
We are located outside of Mountain View, Missouri.

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We love our missouri fox trotter horses. Yes we do have horses for sale. They are also double registered as spotted saddle horses in some instances (SSHBEA).We love our pinto horses so much we have horse photo electronic greetings, horse pictures eCards, or horse photo greeting cards or virtual cards, postcards, if you prefer of our Missouri Foxtrotter horses for sale. We can tell you we love our gaited horses for sale, but we really really love our missouri foxtrotter horses for sale. This site has many missouri fox trotter horse photos. We show our Registered MFT or MFTHBA, SSHBEA horses for sale. We do have missouri fox trotter horses for sale. We also have gaited horses for sale or rather missouri foxtrotting horses for sale. Stop by and send a missouri foxtrotter postcard or an electronic greeting card of your favorite missouri fox trotter horse photo. Again, we love missouri foxtrotter horses, but are we to call them missouri foxtrotting horses? We have pinto or paint gaited horses for sale, or spotted saddle horses for sale, but mainly missouri fox trotter horses for sale. Send someone a virtual greeting card or free greeting card today.